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imageX7OT7FNT osinkbaba 10.00 USDT Completed 5 Hours 2024-07-21 20:36:04 view
imageVNSSP0OD binanfab 600.00 USDT Processing 5 Hours 2024-07-22 14:26:05 view

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Unique ID Trader Amount Status Duration Timestamp Action
imageX7OT7FNT osinkbaba 10.50 USDT Completed 5 Hours 2024-07-21 20:36:04 view
imageAJFVYGJN binanfab 105.00 USDT Activated 5 Hours 2024-07-18 15:51:04 view
Frequently Asked Questions.

Binance Pay is a payment service provided by Binance, enabling users to make payments and send funds to each other seamlessly.

You earn 5% bonus from all level one downlines trades. Every time your level one downlines trades, you'll earn the bonus continuously to your Binancify wallet.

It's fast, secure and transparent. users can open trade and all the trading and payment processes are completed automatically via Binance Pay.

Only Tether USDT Trc20 is recommended for trading. USDT Trc20 shares is the base token for running all P2P trades in Binancify.

Tron network guarantees fast transactions. This ensures trading runs smoothly. It also provides a 100% transparent transactions which are all verifiable.

User earn continuous 5% returns from the trading activities of all your level one downlines. This means that you earn additional income based on the trades made by their referred users.

We maintain the highest level of security, including offering features like two-factor authentication for account security for traders.

Binancify facilitates withdrawals primarily through peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions. You only have to trade to get your balance paid to Binance.

No cases of loosing money at any time. All trades are peer to peer and everyone will get paid within the shortest time when payments get activated.

All P2P trades lasts 4 days. Once you open trade and you complete the entire payment process and you get your trade released, it will take you 4 days to get paid to your account wallet too.

Yes, we accept direct USDT deposits. All trades on our platform are peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions and therefore to start trading, you must have USDT in account.

Any activity on your account is notified via email. All trading processes are all notified via email too. Keep checking email for any notification.

On your dashboard, click wallet then click view and click deposit or transfer depending on the action you want to perform.

Start trading with as little as a valid email address and a verified account. You don't have to be experienced in trading to start trading.

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